I'm a Writer/Director with extensive experience in art department and production design. My work is visible in the multiple positions I fulfill on my own projects and others. In addition to writing and directing my newest short film, THE BELL, I designed and built the nearly 8-foot-tall monster, handled the production design, designed the costumes, and completed the final edit.

I lost the vision in my right eye and sustained serious facial injuries after a violent assault in 2015. Instead of allowing it all to slow me down or tear me apart, I decided to write, direct, and create more art than ever before. If interested, here's a recent interview with me about my influences and art! (link)

I have a serious love affair with the creepy and the bizarre, and I love to really push myself creatively. I strive to bring uniquely weird and beautiful images to life in ways that I've never seen or done before.  

So, if you're looking to make something awesome and unforgettable, I'm your person!


Check my Instagram out for a bunch of weird cartoons, drawings, and pictures of cats!